Available courses

Hospital Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (HDPRP) is a course designed to develop hospital disaster management plan. The objective of this course is to help In improving the understanding of basic component of HDPRP and build up the capacity to develop the plan. 

This course enables participant to understand the hospital incident command system (HICS), gives a basic idea of its formation and planning for effective disaster response. 

With the right competencies and characters, everyone in the healthcare system can become a leader, all you need is a set of guiding principles, a few mentors, and an aim to learn from each and every situation.

Triage is essential for the management of patient in emergency department both during non disaster and disaster period. Therefore this course will help in improve the knowledge of triage during disaster and non disaster period; triage during epidemic and planning the setup of triage.

The section 35 of constitution of Nepal states the right to emergency basic health care services to all. This is applicable even during the disaster. A health care service should aim to provide a quality health service even during disaster. This requires a process of QI to be inbuilt in the regular hospital system. 

Disaster is the situation where crisis exceeds coping mechanism. This causes compromise in the patient safety. A coordination between staff, stuff, space and system, can improve the patient safety.